Lovell Homes

Project overview

Lovell Homes worked with ECHO across their North West portfolio…

…with an ambition not only to drive awareness of the quality of Lovell’s offering but also to build relationships with the local communities surrounding each development.



When building a new development, PR is essential to drive awareness of the development timeline but also to ensure the local community is on board with plans and supportive of the scheme.

ECHO worked with Lovell Homes, providing media relations for each new development across the North West, organised public consultations during the planning stages, and managed events with the local community. From the creation of a book about how hedgehog highways to time capsules and local sports days, local engagement was key and proved incredibly successful.


Favourite campaign: The Hedgehog Highways Book! Reading it out to the local school kids and seeing their excitement was the best possible result.

Switched-on, smart PR that makes more noise.